An Evening With Buddy Holly: featuring Robbie Limon

(Robbie Limon/Ken Wissmann)

A 'based on a true story' happening in Greenwich Village, New York, in the late months of 1958. The audience is present during Buddy's band rehearsal as he prepares for the mid-western cavalcade of performers known as The Winter Dance Party of 1959. The stage vibe is intimate as Buddy's dialogue is totally directed at the audience; the tone is conversational and responsive to questions raised during the pre-show warm-up. As the story goes, Buddy and his young wife are expecting their first child but living on borrowed funds due to bad business dealings with his Texas-based management handlers. Although he has had eighteen months of nation-wide recording exposure and fame, and a very successful musical tour in England, Buddy wants to expand his inspirational efforts to include big band arrangements and movie sound tracks. But the bills must be paid by contracting for the extended Dance Party tour. Buddy's musical combo, The Crickets, opted to stay in Texas; therefore Buddy needs to rehearse his touring band. That is the show's premise which provides context for an evening of Holly favorites and those of the Everly Brothers and Little Richard. Are we joking? No, these contemporary artists were friends of Buddy and he pays tribute to these influences in the show. This unique format for a stage play is certain to give an inside look at a life which has been described as “eighteen months of fame and generations of influence”.

Lovesick Blues:

The Life and Music of Hank Williams, Sr.

(Robbie Limon/Ken Wissmann)

The Narrator weaves Williams’ life events with the songs they inspired and covers the brief life of Hank Williams, Sr. from his teen years through his failed marriage, his triumph at The Grand Ol' Opry, and his decline into drug and alcohol dependence. Hank is joined on stage by a classic country quartet including steel and electric guitars, acoustic bass, and fiddle. The musical arrangements faithfully recall the recordings heard on radio in the 1950s. While the story elements are 'heavy' and prophetic, the show is very family friendly. Our audiences over the past five years tell us they are both moved and more aware of the forces which drove this influential and tragic performer.

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​​Theater performances

Robbie’s ability to copy the tonal qualities and phrasings of other vocalists led to his award winning and acclaimed performances, in theaters from Virginia to Missouri to Pennsylvania (breaking attendance records), as the lead in the nationally syndicated shows: 'Hank Williams: Lost Highway' and 'Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story'. As well as the Robbie Limon original productions: 'An Evening With Buddy Holly', and 'Lovesick Blues: The Life and Music of Hank Williams, Sr.'

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The 2005 Chiquita Award was given by M. Lawrence of The American Theater Critics Association for Robbie’s portrayal of Country Music’s first superstar.

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